Ontario Power Authority FIT 2.0 Updates

Toronto, ON - September 27, 2012: On Thursday the OPA announced the small FIT application window will been delayed from October 1st in order to consult with the Solar PV Land Use working Group regarding ground-mount solar PV projects on rural zoned lands.

The OPA is expected to communicate the date that the small and large FIT application will reopen once it is available. Previously, the OPA launched version 2.0 of the MicroFIT program on July 12, 2012.

Final versions of FIT 2.0 documents are available on the OPA website with the intention of awarding 50MW of MicroFIT and 200MW of small FIT projects as soon as possible.

More information on the FIT and MicroFIT programs can be found on the OPA website:
FIT 2.0
MicroFIT 2.0