Debra Lefebvre, a registered nurse and mother of four young children, traveled to Uganda in 2004. Her life changed when she stumbled across a young boy in the midst of a malaria-induced convulsion in the tall grass on the shores of Lake Victoria. Debra decided to take action. That year, Debra launched Buy-A-Net Malaria Prevention Group. Following great planning and program development, involving subsequent trips to Uganda and various meetings with malaria prevention stakeholders in government, civil society and community based organizations, Buy-A-Net’s first net distribution occurred in the spring of 2006, in the village of Katoogo in Uganda.

  • Buy-A-Net is Canada’s first grassroots, citizen driven initiative aimed at malaria prevention through raising awareness and funds for long-lasting insecticide treated bed nets and anti-malaria medicines.
  • With the mantra – $6 Bucks, Buy-A-Net, Save A Life – we partner with community based groups and distribute the nets and medicines free-of-charge, one village at a time in Uganda, our first target country.
  • Buy-A-Net is volunteer led.
  • Buy-A-Net Malaria Prevention Group is a registered charitable organization.
  • To date, Buy-A-Net has protected and treated approximately 250,000 people from malaria through the kindness and generosity of Canadians. They are overwhelmed with the kindness, caring and generosity of people like you.