Renewable Energy Standard Offer Program (RESOP)
RESOP was an Ontario Power Authoirty incentive that was opperational from March 21st, 2006 to May 13th, 2008, its was replaced in 2009 with FiT. Details of the program are as follows...
On March 21st, 2006, Premier Dalton McGuinty announced North America's most progressive program to support solar energy.
The program, called an advanced feed-in tariff, also called a Standard Offer Contract (SOC), will pay individuals, businesses, co-ops, municipalities, First Nations, etc. $0.42 cents for every kWh of solar electricity produced.
Though widely used in Europe, this is the first program of its kind in North America. Like policies in Germany, France, and a total of 15 EU countries, the Ontario program will include wind, hydro, biomass, and solar photovoltaic. The program will be among the most ambitious in North America, in part because of the policy mechanism it uses.
This is very exciting news to the renewable energy industry in the province of Ontario. Under Ontario's Standard Offer Program, the government of Ontario will set a fixed price for small renewable energy projects. Under the plan, the Ontario Power Authority will purchase electricity produced by solar roofing at 42 Canadian cents per kWh.
Under a Standard Offer contract, all small-scale renewable energy producers will be able to sell renewable power to the grid for 20 years. Other key characteristics of the program include:


Standard Offer Program Rules

  • The program will be open to any renewable resource type that qualifies as a renewable resource in the Renewable Energy Supply II RFP including wind, small hydro-electric, solar, and some bio-mass.
  • There is no limit to the amount of renewable generating capacity.
  • The project can be located anywhere in Ontario.
  • There will be no locational restrictions on the SOP, other than those determined by the technical limitations of the local distribution system and also, the technical limitations of the high-voltage transmission system.
  • The maximum project size will be limited to 10 megawatts (MW). No minimum project size is currently proposed.
  • Open to all interested developers with the exception of Ontario Power Generation.
  • To be eligible, projects must be connected to their local electricity distributor's low voltage (50 kV or less) distribution system.
  • Eligible projects must have been placed in service after January 1, 2000.
  • A written contract that documents the obligations of the parties under the Standard Offer Program will be required. Contract terms will typically be for twenty (20) years.
  • For the first year of commercial operation, all eligible renewable resource type projects (except solar photovoltaic) will be paid a base rate of 11 cents per kilowatt hour for all kilowatt hours delivered. The rate will escalate from 11 cents per kilowatt hour over the 20 year term of the contract. Projects that can demonstrate generation control will be eligible for an additional 3.52 cents per kilowatt hour for all electricity delivered during on-peak hours.
  • A price of $0.42 cents per kilowatt hour for solar photovoltaic projects will be established in order to conduct price discovery on this technology. Solar PV projects will not receive the inflation escalation or peak premium..